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Guess which soap we will be making with this today…

Win that soap! Be the first to message us on FB with the Correct Guess of which soap we just put on the menu for today and you will win that soap! You can pick up or we will ship.

Thanks Hannah for your super fast shipping of the Ghee!!! Just in time for soapmaking today- you Rock!!

#FullMoonGhee #GheeGoatMilkSoap

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New Soap! Three Kings! #Chaga #Frankincense #Tulsi

King of Soaps

Chaga Mushroom, Boswellia Sacra Resin, Boswellia Carterii Essential Oil, Tulsi (Holy Basil) Essential Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Castor Oil*, Sacha Inchi Oil (high in omega 3)*, and of course our Organically Fed Goat’s Milk

*Certified Organic

Not Online Yet! First Three People to the soap shop today gets a free sample!

#FreeSample #TinyHouseSoapShop

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Take advantage of the beautiful day #OrangeFarmersMarket

We are here until 6pm.

Fun to see all the seasonal veggies coming out- and Melons!

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Hey Shrewsbury!

Special today!

Buy 3 soaps, get $3 off your purchase!




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We’ve asked the rain to hold off… #SturbridgeFarmersMarket until 2pm!

We have our new mushroom/Frankincense resin soap! This is a fabulous farmers market! Waiting for the musician to start they always have great music. Fabulous vendors no kidding fabulous vendors this is a big market!

#BuyLocal #GetGoatSoap #ShiitakeMushroomSoap

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INSIDE #TheWhiteRoom #CanalDistrictFarmersMarket Be Dry and SHOP! NEW SOAP

White room was free today so we are inside so you will not be shopping in the rain! So come on by!

Plus we have a wonderful new soap! We partnered with Wildwood mushrooms of Sutton mass to make this frankincense resin and shiitake mushroom soap.

#Getgoatsoap #ShiitakeSoap


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New soap today!

We partnered with Wildwood Mushrooms in Sutton, MA to make this latest creation!

Wildwood Mushrooms Shiitake

Come on down. See where they filmed the new “Castle Rock” TV series on Hulu and pick up your Elzire’s Acre Goat Milk Soap!




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Beat the heat today!

When it’s hot outside, take a little shower with Elzire’s Acre Goat Milk Soap!

These 4 soaps are fabulous for cooling off on a hot day!

Chocolate S’m’ilk Sensation, Peppermint Silk, Windy Woods, and Cool The Burn!

Buy all four for $25. (That’s 11% off!)*

*While supplies last!



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#OrganicsMakingHeadway! We are in the news Again!

Great article by #T&G-

We are organic- check out others…. meet your organic farmer

#OrganicGoatMilkSoap #BuyOrganic #FarmFresh

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Perfect Weather for #PrincetonFarmersMarket

Hip Swayers serenade you and is your shop barefoot in the sun!

#shoplocal #SundaySunshine