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Busy day making soap yesterday… NEW SOAP! See the lather

#Daneryes’dragons eating goats inspired it! LOL Stay tuned…

Bringing back Bug Buffer-

And Psychadelica upgraded with Babassu Oil instead of coconut

and Wild Thing is back with a vengeance sans coconut -Babassu and organically fed free range lard only

#getDragons #GetGoatSoap


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Perfect Spring Day #CanalDistrictFarmersMarket

We are outside and is it SO Wonderful to be out here- truly like an old market amongst the old brick buildings and cobblestones.



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#AgronomyFarm mVineyards Corot Noir in our soap!

Debuts tomorrow at #CanalDistrictFarmersMarket- 3 simple oil/butters, rose clay and yummy scent!

#Goatmilk soap #winesoap

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Bates Crafters Gallery Restocked!

Fresh supply of your faves and a few new ones for you to try!

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Goat Kids are soooo cool!

Check out these little kiddos! Are they adorable or what! Hanging with Carmen…

From Left to Right: Carmen, Luna, Amber, Ursa (just barely see her head behind Amber), Emma, Stella, and Amelia.
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Emma has her baby! We are celebrating with 20% off online today only…

Sorry to those of you missing us today #CanalDistrictFarmersMarket – to make up for it get 20% off online only!

We’ll update you with more pictures soon!

#babygoat #newMom


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#CanalDistrictFarmersMarket – don’t forget your Valentine!

Oh and honey lavender with vanilla spice is back! Perfect for this weather warming vanilla absolute and cinnamon leaf oil really adds to the French lavender!

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Dawn Just kidded! 3 girls!

Luna, Amber and Ursa! And a beautiful, warm, sunny day!

#newbabygoats #goatmilksoaporigins


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It’s cold outside…

So that is the perfect reason to come inside at the Canal District Farmers’ Market

Lots of great veggies, meats, cheeses, jams, honey, bread, juice…

And don’t forget your favorite soaps from Elzire’s Acre Goat Milk Soap!





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Chad’s just back from a visit to Ben… Guess what soap is on the schedule for this week?

First to post, gets a free one- either this batch (when it’s ready in a couple weeks) or one of the remainder of the last with their ProPro…