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Here at Boston Public Market- @Stillman’s Farm

We are here at Stillman’s Farm restocking! Met one of the managers, Shadeah Laila Suleiman, – what a sweetheart!!!

Also met a new customer that we chatted with- love meeting new customers and teaching them about our soaps!

You can find our display easily- right across from the produce register.



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Local Honey! Peg’s Preserves to the rescue!

So psyched… we use Manuka Honey and Local (to us) Honey for a large number of our soaps.  We go through a LOT of honey, and to try to keep our prices down we purchase in bulk… not so easy to find someone willing to sell 60# at a time.  A shout out to Peg’s Preserves, two towns over from us in Lancaster… we are at Canal District Farmers Market on Saturday’s, year ’round, and right next to us is Peg… be sure to check her out…

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I get excited about the little things

I’m always excited to cut into our spa! Just love all the different surprises the black of the charcoal and the pink of the clay shows in each and every bar. I had to take a picture.  

As I stepped back I noticed this little scene. It’s starting to get darker, and I love the look of the brightness of the barn against the dimmer shadowing of the soap.

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NOFA Mass Winter Conference happening today!

We are at the NOFA Mass Winter Conference today!  We will be here until 6:30 PM!

Today get any 3 soaps and get $1 off each!

Also, we have satchels by Bird Brain Designs made with repurposed textiles!  Buy a soap, Soap Net, and Satchel for $15 ($16 with top shelf soap) while supplies last!

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Newsletter on the way!!!

Go to and sign up for the newsletter!

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Cyber Monday! 15% off with coupon code cybersoap!

going to be a busy day for us today…. been inundated with online orders (yay!) and have to make soap and butters today….

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We are finally updating our website!!!

Almost caught up with making soap, and only have 1000 bars to wrap… need a break to do something fun!  WEBSITE TIME!  Thanks to my sister, Lorna!!!