Agronomy Corot Noir Wine and Goat Milk Soap


For those wine aficionados out there, or those with a sense of adventure! We paired a local red wine with our rich, creamy, sweet goats milk to perfection in this the lather is like no other soap we’ve made.  Thick and luxurious .  We infused sweet tangerine essential oil in the full, deep hint of the wine to make an amazing, delicious scented cleanser.

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We do many many farmers’ markets throughout the year and meet hundreds of farmers and producers.  Agronomy Farm Vineyards out of Oakham, MA is one we see Saturday’s and we love their wine!  Being adventurous, and loving to use local ingredients, we paired up and make this combination soap with our organic goat milk and Agronomy’s red wine, Corot Noir.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organically Fed Goat Milk, Wine, Organic Castor Oil,  Organic Illipe Butter, Organic Tangerine Essential Oil, a touch of rose kaolin clay

wrapped in a biodegradable film

superfatted 8%

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Weight 3.5 oz