Mountain Minerals Goat Milk and Silk Soap


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Oh, we LOVE Eating Himalayan Salt-  What fun to put in soap!!! Wonderful one-two cleaning punch with this mineral-laden bar and organic Neem oil to boot. Lovely lather, lovely, soft clean with organic shea butter! The added essential oils of Bulgarian Lavender and Geranium takes the strong scent of neem way down… People have been using this for acne, poison ivy, washing out boo-boos, and all over super cleansing.

Saponified Babassu Oil*, Himalayan Salt, Goat’s Milk, Neem Oil*, Saponified sunflower Hi Oleic Oil*, Shea Butter*, Saponified Castor Oil*, Essential Oils of Bulgarian Lavender* and Geranium

Tussah silk

Super fatted 10%

*Denotes certified organic


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