Pure Heart Castile (a little prayer in every bar)


a little prayer in every bar…read why we made this…

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Pure Heart Castile

As you have probably already figured out, there is usually a “story” behind each soap… well, this one is no exception.
While in Boston one day at a farmer’s market, a mother and daughter came to the table and the mother started smelling soaps. At one point she let a soap roll off her fingertips and fall to the floor. She told the little girl (she was around 8) to pick it up. The little girl looked at the floor, then looked at me. I said, “can you see it?” and she pointed to the back wall behind me. I looked, and sure enough it was up against the wall. I turned my back and retrieved the dented soap. The mother bought a bar and they left.

The next customer chose some soap and a body butter, of which I had only 3 left. She asked if there were any more as her friend wanted one. I said sure, there are two more… well, there wasn’t. I went around the table to the front and sure enough, they were gone, as were a couple of soaps. It was then I realized that the mother and daughter had played a scam and had stolen from me.This upset me so much… a mother teaching her little girl to steal… I felt so angry at the mother and so so sorry for that little girl… what kind of life must she lead, and what did she face ahead. I felt powerless to do anything, and could think of nothing that could change that little girl’s life path.

People tell us over and over that they don’t know “what it is” about our soap, why exactly they love it so much… I believe it is the care, enjoyment, love it is made with and the sweet being of the goats… so we decided to make a soap, and with every bar made and every bar sold there would be a prayer that went with it for that little girl… that she not follow the path and that somehow she would rise above and follow her Pure Heart… so, here you go, Pure Heart Castile, a little prayer in each bar. Simple ingredients, and a simple prayer…

Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Organically Fed Goat Milk, Lavender Essential Oil,
Purple Brazillian Clay

superfatted 7%

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