U You Make My Heart Sing!


Creamy, soft lather with a beautiful, haunting scent.  Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing!

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Continuing on with our Wild Thing base recipe that is so loved… You Make My Heart Sing…. Super amazing soap with a scent to make your Heart Sing with a lather that will make YOU sing… Made in SUPER small batches, so very limited.
Hand rendered lard from free range animals, our organically fed goat’s milk, coconut oil*, Ostrich oil, Laurel fruit oil (that we are importing from wild crafters in Turkey) and a wonderful blend of essential oils of cypress, sandalwood, frankincense, and the ethereal yellow champaca flower.
superfatted 7%

Wrapped in biodegradable film which has random openings for milk soap to breathe

*Denotes organic or organically grown/processed


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