A Wylde Thing Goat Milk Soap (unscented)


Dewy dewy soft… find your WYLDE SIDE… Wylde Thing!

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Wild Thing!

As you know, we are forever trying to help people find a soap that “works” for them, that’s why we have SO many different soap recipes. Well, we actually had a woman that can’t even do OLIVE OIL! How sad for her… that is our basic, “I’m allergic to everything” go to soap. She CAN do animal fats and, strangely enough, coconut oil. Well, coconut oil can be very drying, so we don’t want to make a 100% coconut oil soap.
We told her we’d make her a soap… and this is what we came up with…

Our hand rendered, free range, local farmed lard, our organically fed goat’s milk, organic babassu oil for bubbles, and super fatted with Ostrich oil for luxury.

Shockingly enough, probably one of the nicest soaps we’ve ever made. Luxurious lather with creamy bubbles that leaves the skin dewy dewy dewy soft. Find your wild side…. Wild Thing….

superfatted 7%

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