A Wylde Thing Goat Milk Soap (unscented)

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Dewy dewy soft… find your WYLDE SIDE… Wylde Thing!

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Wylde Thing!
As you know, we are forever trying to help people find a soap that “works” for them, that’s why we have SO many different soap recipes. Well, we actually had a woman that can’t even do OLIVE OIL! How sad for her… that is our basic, “I’m allergic to everything” go to soap. She CAN do animal fats and, strangely enough, coconut oil. Well, coconut oil can be very drying, so we don’t want to make a 100% coconut oil soap.
We told her we’d make her a soap… and this is what we came up with…
Our hand rendered, free range, local farmed lard, our organically fed goat’s milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil for bubbles, and super fatted with Ostrich oil for luxury. Shockingly enough, probably one of the nicest soaps we’ve ever made. Luxurious lather with creamy bubbles that leaves the skin dewy dewy dewy soft. Find your WYLDE SIDE…. with Wylde Thing….
superfatted 7%

1 review for A Wylde Thing Goat Milk Soap (unscented)

  1. Melissa

    I am the woman this soap was made for, and I really am allergic to everything (I was recently sent for a “scratch test”, and reacted to every last thing they tested me for!)
    Most handsoaps cause hives for me after a few days of use, and commercial body soaps cause mild psoriasis.
    But after a couple of weeks on this soap, all my skin issues went away! It is life changing, truly a God send,and I am so grateful.
    At thia point, I’m considering grating up a bar to try to create a shampoo…maybe it could heal my itchy scalp as well!

    • Chad and Terri

      Ah Melissa! Thank you SO much for this kind comment! We are very grateful this has given you some relief, in addition to a great clean! Honestly though, we hear this EVERY SINGLE TIME we are at a farmers market or event. And fair warning, if you have skin issues like I have skin issues, you’ll have to keep switching soap recipes of ours… I cannot use one soap, not even mine, for more than one bar before I switch to another recipe. Fortunately, we have over 70!
      Oh, and the shampoo? We will convert you like we convert people from liquid body wash… USE THE SOAP! LOL! Take the bar, rub in the direction of your hair, then go to town and lather. I say, “start on your head and work your way down!” If your hair needs a conditioner, consider using a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a pint or two of water and do a quick rinse with the acv water after your shampoo, then rinse with clear water, if you want. It will probably take your hair 2-3 weeks of looking “meh” before all the chemicals are rinsed out and your hair and scalp shine with real clean. People LOVE this soap for their hair! Hair, Face, Body, Shave (the round soaps fit perfectly in shaving bowls).
      Thanks again for your comment, please consider reviewing the particular soaps you’ve tried < ;

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