Thank you for stopping by, both to our old friends and the new ones who have just found us and welcome to our little farm!  Here we have our organically fed goats, and make amazing, soy and palm free goat milk soap with their milk and with the majority of the ingredients being organic.  This soap is so mild and luxurious, and we spend a LOT of time researching ingredients for their skin loving, nutritional and cleansing benefits for all skin types. Please note, these soap recipes are all quite different from each other!  Browse around… we have EIGHT different unscented recipes and all the rest have essential oils for the scent- we never use fragrance.  There is something for everyone here (if you are looking for goat milk soap) and if you don’t find something that you can use because of your allergies, contact us and we’ll be glad to make something just for you.  If you have a certain oil in mind, be sure to use the search button.  Have fun shopping!


Chad & Terri Steiner

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