Best Soap Ever!!!

I love this soap so much!! When they used to open a stand at the Hudson farmers market I bought their Peppermint Goat milk soap. It changed my life! I have bad Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms and could never find anything that worked. When I used their peppermint goat milk soap it made it disappear completely! Plus it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated! I recommend this to all my customers at the bank, I think its absolutely amazing!


I LOVE everything about this soap!!

I LOVE everything about this soap!! It is now the only soap my husband uses too!!
The owners are caring and compassionate people who have a gift for this craft and use it well!!

Sue Mix

Elzire Acres Rocks!

Not only is this fantastic soap, the service and owners are amazing!
Thanks Terri and Chad! Proud to call you friends!