About Us


Here on our mini farm we only have 5 organically fed milk goats, but we wanted to use the extra milk for some benefit to others.  My sister-in-law used to make goat milk soap, and we loved the concept.  So, since we had the fresh milk, we decided to carry on a “family tradition”.

From the first bar of soap we’ve made, people have loved our product and rave how it has helped their skin conditions.  We believe it is simply because of the real, natural and mostly organic ingredients that our soap is made from.  We make our amazing soy, coconut, and palm free soap with our organically fed goats’ milk instead of water.  We use only natural and organic oils, butters, herbs, and scent with essential oils.  We use local honey and also Manuka honey.  We hand render leaf lard from local farms for lard to use in a few of our soaps.  We use only food grade lye.  We have stayed away from using synthetic fragrance and colorants. We are also free from Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil & Soy Oil.  We make our soap the “old fashioned way”, and it is very rustic looking.  We have over 60 different recipes!

We endeavor to produce our soap in the most sustainable method as possible.  We have even gone so far as to wrap our soap in BIODEGRADABLE film!  This film breaks down into elemental matter in 1-3 years versus the range of hundreds of years for typical plastics. It’s called BIOLEFIN.  Click here for more info.

Thank you for stopping by, both to our old friends and the new ones who have just found us!  Browse around… we have TEN different unscented recipes and all the rest have essential oils for the scent!  We never use chemical fragrance.  Read carefully, as all these soaps are VERY different soaps.  There is something for everyone here (if you are looking for goat milk soap) and if you don’t find something that you can use because of your allergies, contact us and we’ll be glad to research incorporating your issues in future soaps.  If you have a certain oil in mind, be sure to use the search button.  Have fun shopping!


Chad & Terri Steiner

P.S. If you’d like to sit back and learn more about us, our farm and our process, we were interviewed for Shrewsbury Cable Media by Missy Hollenback from the Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market, which we were the very first vendors to sign up for when they started, years ago! They were here for over three hours, and edited the show down to 30 minutes!  You can watch it here.