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On our mini farm we only have 5 milk goats, but we wanted to use the extra milk for some benefit for others. My sister-in-law used to make goat milk soap, and we loved the concept, and since we had the fresh milk, we decided to carry on a “family tradition”. From the first bar of soap we’ve made, people have loved our product and rave how it has helped their skin conditions. We believe it is simply because of the real, natural and mostly organic ingredients that our soap is made from. We make our soap with our organically fed goat’s milk not water, and natural and organic oils, butters, herbs, scent with essential oils, use local honey and also Manuka honey, we hand render leaf lard from local farm for lard, and only food grade lye. We have stayed away from using synthetic fragrance and colorants. Also free from Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil & Soy Oil. We make our soap the “old fashioned way”, and it is very rustic looking. Over 60 different recipes!