Elzire’s Acre… What’s In A Name?

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Elzire Roy (Mother Marie-Therese-de-Jesus)

So, just what’s in a name?

Many people have asked us, “Elzire? Where did THAT name come from, and how do you pronounce it?”

Well, the pronunciation, depending on your nationality, is either el-ZEER, or el-zi- RAY. That’s the easy part.

The Story of the name:  It came from Terri’s great great aunt, Elzire Roy, who was born January 31,1871 and lived in North Uxbridge.  She ran away from home at 19 years of age to become one of the founding mother’s of the Little Franciscan’s of Mary, which started in Worcester, MA, and split to include Baie- Saint-Paul, Quebec.

She died at a young age, in Baie-Saint-Paul, in December 1898, much beloved by her novices and companion Foundresses.  Mother Marie-Therese-de- Jesus’ story, passed down through our family, also in the book, “By This Sign, You Will Live”, copyright 1964 by The Little Franciscans of Mary, has been an inspiration in our journey through life. Using Elzire’s name, is a small memorial to a life well lived that should not be forgotten.

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The Little Franciscans of Mary

“It is necessary, my child, that you find this repose of soul of which I speak, which consists of maintaining peace and serenity on all occasions, even the most aggravating. Resign yourself to patience in all things…”

— Letter to one of her novices, By This Sign, You Will Live.