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Imperfect hearts and Nuggets of Washdom

Having acquired this strange love of soap making , I have found unexpected nuggets of wisdom in this amazing journey. Let me share a couple examples that just popped up…

I’m spending the day taking the soap out of the molds from last week that I didn’t have time to do- the reason is getting it out can be VERY difficult with some recipes and takes strength, steady pressure a Lot of sputtering and quite often pain… I’m thinking of my own two childbirths here… which gets me to thinking how we all come into this world… chill? Only to be rudely slapped to get a reaction? I think of my son here, poor kid, who was rudely cut out of me… and my daughter, who rocked to a Fleetwood Mac concert 2 month before birth, and had to be coaxed out with salad spoons after she fought valiantly three hours of her mother’s pushing was NOT going to sway her! (You go girl! You are the same little fighter!).

Ahhh. I see I’ve rambled (ha! Blame it on the essential oils!)

SO back to hearts…

I cannot bear to throw out soap… so the pot scrapings of a batch gets balled up by hand, stuffed into a heart mold, and put with its much greater, more “together” self… a premonition maybe that all that you think you are Is this creation, this One… even though you will be unmolded, cut and separated from that Oneness… you are still part of that batch, no matter what form you will later take? And what form will that be?

Are you that not absolutely perfect, but beautiful molded and cut from the log soap that everyone instantly loves because of your beauty, though moments later you are passed over because of your scentsense and another is chosen.

Or are you that cracked, misshapen, imperfect pot scraping that got stuffed into this heart mold, and maybe you were sad and hurt and maybe a little angry about your lot in this soap batch, that you, not scooped out of the pot fast enough, ended up in this cracked, jagged form, some more perfect on one side, only showing a few cracks, maybe, but at you are turned over, all is revealed.

Did you know, that to me, you are the most beautiful of all? Did you know you were pushed into this ugly heart or misshaped ball because you have worth in this world, you are soap, and you will go forth and make your little clean spot of beauty, calming distressed skin and leaving a kiss of scent behind a lingering reminder to that skin that it is loved and so worth the care.

And did you Know, little imperfect soap heart nugget, that you are being sent out into the world freely, not only as thank you to those who receive you, but as a Representative of your entire batch, and all that came before, and will come after! YOU! In all your imperfect, soulful beauty. You are delivered in a bag with other lumps and clumps, do not think you are More somehow because you are heart shaped, you are the same as your brethren, though from completely different batches-no- even More Different- from different Recipes even!

Ahhh, but you are all the same, all soap, all cleaners, all going to bring a little shower of happiness, of a gentle cleansing of the not needed nor wanted- be it dirt or negative thought…

There are many of these beautiful, cracked hearts out there and ugly soap lumps with my gloves handprint on it… have you been the recipient of one lately?

Oh you little lumps of soap in free bags labeled Nuggets of Washdom

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