Oat & Honey Lavender Vanilla Spice


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Oh, bowing to the Goat Goddess!  We’ve gotten rid of the extra virgin coconut oil here, and replaced it with Organic Babassu Oil.  The lather is super rich and soft, leaving behind soft hair and skin.  And the scent?  Lavender as the base, but the vanilla absolute adds a certain deep sweetness (OK, maybe the tons of honey in it helps) and the touch of cinnamon leaf essential oil adds a very warm, spicy and well rounded soap.

Babassu Oil*, Pasture raised, organically fed Lard, Goats Milk, Sunflower Hi Oleic*, Lye, Cocoa Butter*, Lavender EO, Honey, Oatmeal*, Vanilla absolute, Cinnamon Leaf EO

*Denotes Certified Organic  Superfatted 8%


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