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Tamanu Oil, new one for us! LOVE! In our Boswellia Sacred Blue Green Butter

Well, to start with, we of course source certified organic oil, complete with certificate of analysis… yes, REALLY organic.  Came across this oil when trying to formulate a super special recipe for the highest end product we carry…. Boswellia Royal Sacra Blue Green body butter.  We’ve definitely hit it out of the park this time!

Loving this oil, rich, deep green and thick and rich! This nut comes from a tree in the South Pacific and South East Asia called the Ati tree.  It has been used for centuries in this region as a “cure all”.

Tamanu’s benefits are supported by research conducted in the Pacific Islands, Asia, and Europe. And more recently, major breakthroughs in Japan and Canada have illuminated the science behind the tamanu oil.

Research done on this oil:

Japanese researchers at Meijo University found that several isolated chemical compounds in tamanu inhibit skin tumor production. And a Canadian research team at the Université de Sherbrooke discovered that tamanu contains two chemicals called HIV transcriptase inhibitors.

Tamanu oil contains 3 essential classes of lipids: neutral, glyco-, and phospholipids. Additionally, the oil contains 3 unique and novel compounds:

  • Calophyllic acid
  • An anti-inflammatory called calophyllolide
  • An antibiotic called lactone

Along with coumarins — another powerful type of anti-inflammatory agent — these ingredients are the source of the oil’s remarkable  power.

“Tamanu oil possesses a unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. This process is known as cicatrization. For this reason, it is a widely used traditional topical aid. In Pacific island folk medicine, tamanu oil is applied liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, abrasions, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, diabetic sores, anal fissures, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, eczema, herpes sores, and to reduce foot and body odor. Tamanu oil is also massaged into the skin to relieve neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica. Tamanu oil is employed by Polynesian women for promoting healthy, clear, blemish-free skin, and is also used on babies to prevent diaper rash and skin eruptions.”  Read more about it here at the Medicine Hunter!  This guy knows his stuff!

So, as you know, we make NO claims… we are just looking for the highest quality nutrition for your skin.  Our goal is to make your skin happy!  We will be making soaps with this oil, too!

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