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Why use goat milk soap? And why use ours?

Tons of information out there on goat milk soap!  Not all goat milk soaps are created equal, though.  Check the ingredients… are they organic, with non GMO ingredients?  And don’t forget the actual milk… where our soaps contain 25% goat milk, you can rest assured that milk comes from our organically fed goats.  I’ve spoken to many goat milk soapers, and their response to why they don’t use organic goat milk (and often even organic oils) is, “why bother?”  Using organic, and feeding organic is very, very expensive, and cuts into profits hugely.  Our soap is very competitive, price wise, to even non organically made goat milk soaps… so ASK your soaper!!!

Also, most soapers stick to a one or two “base recipes” and just add different scents, or an extra butter or oil or clay, etc, to make them different.  WE have many many many different recipes, catering to those with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.  We have something for everyone here, and if we don’t, we’ll MAKE it for YOU.

And don’t forget this… how many times have you fallen in love with someone’s soap, and they then stop making soap after a year or two?  We’ve been soaping for 5+ years now, with no end in sight!  It’s an obsession for us!

Good info here on the benefits of goat milk soap!


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  1. Good article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

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