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Local Honey! Peg’s Preserves to the rescue!

So psyched… we use Manuka Honey and Local (to us) Honey for a large number of our soaps.  We go through a LOT of honey, and to try to keep our prices down we purchase in bulk… not so easy to find someone willing to sell 60# at a time.  A shout out to Peg’s Preserves, two towns over from us in Lancaster… we are at Canal District Farmers Market on Saturday’s, year ’round, and right next to us is Peg… be sure to check her out…

2 thoughts on “Local Honey! Peg’s Preserves to the rescue!

  1. Love meeting everyone. This is where you find true heartfelt hard working People. Thank you both for such quality products! Thank you

    Jean Larson

    1. Thank you so much! I needed that when my car died on the way to the farmers market! Gave me the added motivation to somehow get there! It’s people like you that make this worthwhile

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