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Making soap, come on in! Video tour!

Everybody always asks us about our process and what we do? Do we really make it? It’s so much fun to explain it to them but sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words and well video probably 2000 words! So here you go welcome to our soap room.  Make sure you come back and watch the rest of the tour!

Walk through the beginnings- click Started at 10am….

That’s a lot of goat milk for one batch!! Thanks to Maddie and Amelia!

This is what it looks like adding lye to that frozen milk- Click here

And once that is blended, and then strained into the pot that has our base oils, we stick blend it to trace. You can watch the process as I do it, Click here

As the soap cooks on “keep warm” in the pot, we are watching for the “gel phase”. It is when the solid mass turns to a darker gel like look. I just let it keep cooking until the whole pot is that gel like consistency.

You can see a short clip Click here.

Once the soap has come to complete gel, the lye has completed its job and we now have soap! This is the point that we shut off the heat and start the cool down phase- and we add the super fats and any other additives, this day the different recipes called for Matcha tea powder, organic ground oats and Manuka Honey.

You can watch us do this by Clicking here.

Here is the super fats and Matcha tea mixture I will be adding to the Green Tealighful soap-

And the Manuka Honey, ground organic oats and super fats for Forever Grateful

Here we have prepared where we will add the essential oils then put into molds. We have been wearing those goggles during the Entire process!!!

Here is some soap porn to watch- Watch here

And Finally! In the mold it goes- see it happen Here!

Some much appreciated help…

Last batch of the day! Wouldn’t you know, it’s Forever Grateful. To see it here you’d never think it would turn into such a beautiful soap!

Still have to refill our ice cube trays with soap for the next 7 batches!

And put all the essential oils used today back in the fridge!

Thanks for checking out our soap making day. Finished just around 8:10pm.

Will be up early cutting soap before our morning hike!

So you can check out the soaps we made today, we’ve listed them below!

Forever Grateful

Woman of Wisdom

And a Hug

Wild Thing

Moon Locks

Green Tealightful

Ancient Forest




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