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Musings after a day of soap making….

Bathing in the warm scent of freshly made goat soap, French lavender, Rose geranium, rose absolute, lemongrass, Teatree, Laurel leaf, Violet leaf, frankincense, Chaga mushrooms, honey, cinnamon, oats, glacial silt- still beachy somehow… I know all of these scents must be very strong, as the neighbors have commented that they can smell when I am making soap when they’re driving by. Yet this has all gone to my head- into my soul- and my heart until it’s part of me. I realize looking over the beautiful colors of the soap, that I never add all the precious things until the very end. Anything recently alive, the Chaga mushroom, the honey, the oats, the tree resins, and all of the essential oil’s and absolutes. Only until after the lye has had its way with the base oils and have become something more – the chemical process of saponification, complete- only then are all these other precious things added including the exotic oils and butters.


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